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SimulAlert®️ Color-Coded Badges, Mobile and Desktop Dashboard, Hubs, Visitor Tag, Reunification
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SimulAlert® Staff Badge

Your key to Instant Safety and Swift Response! Stand out in emergencies with our innovative color-coded badge, ensuring quick and efficient communication, while minimizing false alerts.

SimulAlert® Mobile and Desktop Dashboard

Unleash Control at Your Fingertips! Elevate your safety and response capabilities with our intuitive dashboard accessible on both mobile and desktop devices.
Stay Connected, informed, and in command, ensuring a swift and decisive response to any situation. SimulAlert® empowers you to lead with confidence – wherever you are, whenever you need it!
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SimulAlert® Visitor’s Badge

Welcome visitors with confidence and elevate security measures with instant identification, real-time tracking, and a seamless visitor management experience. Ensure a safe and secure environment for everyone.
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SimulAlert Hubs®

Elevating Your Emergency Response to New Heights! Our state-of-the art hubs are the heartbeat of safety, designed to empower your institution with swift and efficient crisis management. With SimulAlert®️ Hubs, you gain real-time control, unparalleled connectivity and essential visual guidance for first responders.
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Swift and Targeted Crisis Communication for Resource Officers and First Responders

Resource officers and first responders are the frontline heroes. When faced with a threat, providing critical information swiftly is paramount to saving lives. SimulAlert® is designed for resource officers and first responders, prioritizing swift communication in crisis situations. The system ensures immediate notification with targeted alerts, minimizing the stress of false alarms. Strategic visual hubs guide first responders to the incident location, enhancing situational awareness. The intuitive dashboard allows for quick, informed decisions, empowering first responders to act decisively from any location

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Accelerated Reunification for Emergencies

Experience peace of mind with SimulAlert®, designed to provide critical information swiftly, ensuring the rapid and efficient safeguarding of lives. For parents, the distress of being unable to retrieve their child due to an active shooter is alleviated by SimulAlert’s® real-time information delivery. For teachers, SimulAlert® minimizes disruption by facilitating swift intervention from law enforcement and first responders, turning what could be an endless ordeal into a managed crisis. Crafted to maximize every precious second, SimulAlert® ensures prompt reunification, minimizing the agonizing wait for all involved parties.

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Your key to Instant Notification and Swift Response! Stand out in emergencies with our innovative badge, ensuring quick and efficient communication for a safer school environment.