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Smart security.
Maximum safety.

Smart security.
Maximum safety.

SimulAlert® is today’s cutting-edge emergency alert and response system designed with an unwavering focus for time-sensitive emergency situations. When seconds matter most, your team is equipped with the critical information they need.

Instant awareness
all-inclusive dashboard

The real-time dashboard provides immediate awareness, allowing for quick, informed decisions. It offers a comprehensive overview of the situation as it unfolds.

Precision engineering for
optimal security

Precision engineering for optimal security

SimulAlert® features precision-engineered color-coded badges to eliminate false alerts and intuitive visual hubs for guiding first responders with accuracy.

Maximized security for staff
and students' well-being

Maximized security for staff and students' well-being

SimulAlert® ensures that every vital second is maximized, making it an indispensable tool in safeguarding the well-being of both staff and students.

A founder's vision realized.

Founded by Dr. Miriam Gitau, a dedicated educator with over two decades of classroom experience, SimulAlert® was born out of a profound commitment to student safety.
Dr. Gitau’s passion for creating a secure learning environment was heightened after the tragic events at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012. The incident shook her deeply, sparking a determination to make a difference. Dr. Gitau envisioned a way for schools to be better prepared for emergencies. This vision materialized into SimulAlert®, a solution designed to empower educational institutions and ensure a rapid and effective response to crises.

With every second in mind®

Today, SimulAlert® is setting the new standard for school emergency and response. SimulAlert® is revolutionizing emergency response with a comprehensive suite of features. Our system includes wearable alert badges for staff, strategically placed hubs throughout your facility, and intuitive dashboards accessible on both desktop and mobile devices, complete with a real-time virtual map. Here’s what sets us apart:
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Swift emergency responses

SimulAlert® delivers a comprehensive system that elevates a school’s preparedness for emergencies. Incorporating elements such as color-coded badges, real-time dashboards, and visual guidance for first responders, the system guarantees a rapid and effective response in critical situations.
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Instant alerts, quick notification

The system’s color-coded badges enable instant notification, allowing for a quick and accurate response. SimulAlert® is designed to prevent false alarms, reducing unnecessary disruptions while ensuring a reliable alert system.
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User-friendly implementation

SimulAlert® eliminates the need for complex cabling and ensures a hassle-free implementation process. With independence from school WiFi and a 4G option for gateway connection backup, the system offers flexibility and reliability in various situations.
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Staff autonomy, phone-free

The system does not require faculty and staff to use phones, simplifying communication during emergencies. This feature ensures that crucial information reaches the right people without relying on individual devices.
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Improve coordination and response

SimulAlert’s real-time dashboard and visual guidance hubs contribute to improved coordination among school staff and first responders. This facilitates a more organized and effective response to emergency situations.
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Tailored to school needs

SimulAlert® can be customized to suit the specific needs and layout of each school. Through a site survey and walkthrough, the system is tailored to the unique requirements of the educational environment, ensuring optimal functionality.

SimulAlert® goes beyond a mere system

Designed to streamline emergency responses, SimulAlert® is tailored to high-risk environments such as schools, hospitals, government buildings, offices, and places of worship. With SimulAlert®, you’re not just investing in technology, but in the invaluable peace of mind that comes from knowing your facility is equipped to respond swiftly and effectively in critical situations.

Our team's dedicated commitment to your safety

SimulAlert® is dedicated to ensuring the safety and well-being of our clients and their communities. Our team Comprising experts in emergency response, technology, and security, we bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table. We work tirelessly to engineer innovative solutions that prioritize speed, precision, and, above all, saving lives.

Expertise from FBI, coast guard, and a diverse spectrum of skills

Our Board of Advisers at SimulAlert® is a vital cornerstone of our organization, offering a wealth of guidance drawn from diverse fields of expertise. Comprising leaders in emergency management, technology, security, and education, their collective knowledge plays an instrumental role in shaping the direction of our company.
Strategic insights, innovative thinking, and invaluable industry connections help ensure SimulAlert® remains at the forefront of emergency response solutions, empowering us to continually advance our mission to make a life-saving difference.